Jonathan Green – The Next Step in Lawncare

It’s not often we highlight an entire brand as a part of our product spotlight, but this spring we’re excited to share with you the next step in lawn care with Jonathan Green. The Next Step is just that, it’s a cut above your current lawn care and designed to bring your lawn, and your soil, to that next step.

The Jonathan Green seeding program is a 4-step cycle that covers your lawn from Spring to Autumn, supplying your grass and your soil all the nutrients it needs to produce the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood.

Why Lawn AND Soil?

It might be weird to hear so much emphasis on soil, surely having good soil is a no-brainer, right? Well, this isn’t always the case. Other lawn companies have a tendency to either outright ignore or severely undervalue soil health when mixing their fertilizers and other lawn products. Jonathan Green tackles the issues at the roots, starting with healthy soil which leads to a lush, green lawn.

The Cycle

The Cycle

Early Spring – Green-up Crabgrass Preventer

Early spring is the time for Crabgrass Preventer Plus Greenup. This fertilizer feeds the lawn during the spring growing season and prevents crabgrass from popping up and taking your lawn’s much-needed resources. Newer, pre-emergent technology gives longer pre-emergent control, early-stage post-emergent control and more flexibility in timing the applications.

Late Spring / early summer – Green-Up Weed & Feed

Late spring is the time to stick it to those broadleaf weeds. Dandelions, chickweed, clover, and oxalis stand no chance against the power of Jonathan Green Weed & Feed. Be sure to apply it to a wet lawn. Think, early in the morning when the morning dew still sits on your lawn. Make sure you don’t water your lawn for the next 48 hours afterward for maximum effect!

Summer – MAG-I-CAL Plus

Middle to late summer is the perfect time to start improving your soil health. Soil microbes (bacteria, fungi, etc.) are the biological breakdown engines in the soil. They degrade leaves, stems, trees, animal waste and other organic (and inorganic) matter, which release nutrients and minerals into the soil that grasses use for energy. Microbes and grass plants need air and water to survive, too. Therefore, adding more organic matter to the soil and, at the same time, keeping it loose and porous will foster healthier soils, greater microbial populations, and more disease — and insect resistant turf.

Mag-I-Cal Plus for Lawns in Acidic Soil is an all-natural “soil food” that loosens hard soil, stimulates soil microbes and adjusts soil pH to create the ideal foundation (healthy soil) for the most beautiful lawn each and every year.

Fall – Winter Survival Fall Lawn Food

Now is the time to prep your lawn for the brutal winter months. Apply Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer and help strengthen the roots with the nutrients your lawn needs to be ready for robust spring growth.

If you’re seeding in the fall, apply Winter Survival immediately after applying the grass seed.

Wrap Up

We love Jonathan Green here at Koopman Lumber, and we’re extending our love to you! Make sure you check out our current sales and information for the Jonathan Green Next Step program at Koopman Lumber by clicking the link! Thanks for reading!

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