Top 4 Renovations Worth Making Before You Sell Your Home

You’re getting ready for the spring selling season and really want to hit your asking price. You know your home could use a little sprucing up, but you don’t want to sink a whole lot of money into a home you’re getting ready to leave. We’ve identified our top 4 renovations worth making to your home before it goes on the market, all of which can be accomplished with a modest budget and some weekend work. These renovations are all about making that crucial visual first impression stick with a potential buyer and inspire them to make an offer. 

1. Kitchen Refresh

Kitchen renovations can provide a return in the 90–99% range if done right—and that doesn’t have to mean a $10,000+ remodel.  

The average kitchen can be completely repainted with just two gallons of paint. Green is the magic color for kitchens in 2024. From deep, rich emeralds to subtle, calming sage, greens blend well with a variety of color shades and pair very nicely with natural wood, which is also making a big comeback in the new year.  

If your cabinets are already natural wood, consider giving them a light sanding, then applying transparent sealant. If your cabinets are already painted, apply a fresh coat in a color to complement the walls. Fresh caulk around the sink and counters completes a fresh paint job and is always worth the extra time.  

New hardware also goes a long way in making an impression. Gold-finished hardware is all the rage going into 2024, but use your judgment to choose a style that complements your chosen colors and décor. Update hardware for your sink and cabinets in the same style to help the room feel cohesive and intentional.  

Replacing standard overhead lighting with some accent pieces is another great way to make a splash. Also consider something unique and fun for your range hood. One or two such attention grabbers can really elevate the kitchen to “well-designed” status. 

2. Bathroom Renewal

On average, people spend about 420 minutes a week in their bathrooms. When touring a potential new home, they instinctively know that comfortable, comforting bathrooms are top priority. That’s why the typical return on investment for bathroom renovation is a whopping 70%!  

It doesn’t take anything major to make a big impression. Remove any outdated or damaged wallpaper and borders. It’s easier than you think, even without a steamer or any special scoring tools.  

Wet the paper thoroughly with a damp sponge (make a couple of passes to be sure), then use a putty knife on the seam to gently peel the paper off, sponging as needed to re-wet as you go. Take your time, go gently, and wallpaper removal doesn’t have to be a headache. Be sure to go over the wall a couple of times with the sponge after the paper is off to remove as much adhesive as possible. Wait for the wall to dry completely before repainting. 

When choosing colors for the walls, trim and cabinets, top colors for 2024 include grays, blush, teal and navy—all of which pair quite well with one another for accents. Be sure to remove old caulk and re-caulk seams around the tub and sink and be sure seams along the floors and baseboards are looking good. 

If your shower has doors that look dated or worn, it may be well worth replacing them or even removing them to give the illusion of more space. This is especially helpful in smaller bathrooms to help open them up and feel less cramped. 

After repainting and re-caulking, dress the bathroom with curtains and towels that complement your new color scheme, and voila! You’ve got a fresh, beautiful bathroom to show. 

Need some advice on kitchen and bathroom design? Visit one of our Kitchen & Bath Design Centers to get ideas and talk to the experts.  

3. Bedroom Recharge

Bedroom décor tends to be very personal, which is probably why bedroom renovations typically only yield around a 50% return at the time of sale. But that doesn’t mean a little bedroom recharge isn’t helpful! We still want potential buyers to walk in and feel that the bedroom is comfortable and stylish.  

A fresh coat of paint does wonders for any room, and bedrooms are no exception. Wash the walls and patch any holes or dents in the drywall with a quick-drying spackle. After the spackle has dried, sand it down so the wall surface looks and feels smooth before painting.  

Examine the caulking around windows and along the baseboards—if it needs a refresh, remove the old caulk and replace it prior to putting down your color. 2024 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is Blue Nova, a lovely, calming shade that blends well with many accents. Other color trends include pale and forest greens, soft neutrals, and midnight blue. Any of these color families will pair beautifully with white trim for a clean, upscale and inviting look.  

For just a few hundred dollars, you can update your bedding and window treatments to complement the room’s new aesthetic and pull the elements together. Looking for that one little extra something to add a wow factor? Replacing the old light fixture with a chandelier adds a romantic flair and lends the bedroom a real getaway/oasis feel. 

4. Living Room Revival

A coat of paint in a light, neutral color will do wonders and give you a fresh palette to rethink accents, window treatments and hardware. Fresh caulk between molding and ceiling and along the baseboards is a must.  

Hardwood floors are still the standard for living rooms, so give existing hardwood floors a sanding and refinishing. If you have carpet, check underneath for existing hardwood. If it’s there, pull up the carpet, fill any tack holes and have it sanded down and refinished. Keep in mind the average return at resale for living room renovations is about 40%, so you don’t want to overspend—consider investing more in kitchen and bathroom upgrades before you sink more dollars into the living room. 

You don’t need to buy all new furniture just to show your home but fresh window treatments with complementary throw pillows, blankets and other accents bring the room together cohesively and make it look intentionally designed.  

Be sure to do a thorough cleaning and de-cluttering of all the rooms in your home. While you don’t want the spaces to feel stark, you want to avoid showing so much of your personality that potential buyers can’t picture themselves living there. Plus, paring down to the essentials will make the spaces seem larger and more open. 

We Have What You Need

These are just our top 4 renovations worth making before you sell your home. We’ve got a lot more ideas for you and will be happy to discuss your plans and offer our expert advice.  

When you’re ready to put the work in, Koopman has all the tools and materials you need for your renovations to deliver the maximum impact. Stop into a location near you to discuss your needs. You can also order online and pick up at the nearest store. 

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