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Get your best deck at Koopman Lumber! We’ve spent years gathering the best decking products and advice you’re likely to get in the entirety of New England. 

We stock pressure treated as well as synthetic deckboard (primarily Trex brand) at most of our locations. Not limited to just the boards, however, we also stock all of the railings, hardware, and furniture you need to turn your deck into a backyard oasis. 

From the Blog

Our blog is an incredible resource for any homeowner looking to build, maintain, or upgrade their deck!

In the world of decking, no company has taken over quite like Trex has. Founded in 1996, it quickly became an industry …

Deck stains come in various colors, opacities, and compositions. What’s the best choice for your deck? Well, that all depends! There are …

Choosing the right board for your deck can be one of the hardest parts about making (or replacing) it. The right board …

When the warm weather comes, no place is as relaxing as your deck. A safe place to unwind outdoors is as desirable as …

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