STOP Ticks and Mosquitoes From Taking Over Your Yard!

Ticks and mosquitoes are more than just a backyard annoyance, they are a danger to you and your family. Since 2004, the CDC has identified NINE new tick and mosquito-borne diseases in the united states, including the Zika Virus that was a public health crisis several years ago.

All of this doom and gloom isn’t meant to scare you inside, but instead, get you thinking about the steps you need to take to protect yourself and your family from insects who want to trade their diseases for your blood.

There are several ways to tackle these pests wherever they are and ways to avoid them. We’re still a ways off from removing them from the ecosystem entirely (although work is being done on that front, and we can’t wait), so for now, it’s about personal protection and minimizing our exposure to these annoying bugs with the help of pest control services, if you have bed bugs do not wait till is to late and just call a bed bug control company to fix your problem

We’re going to look at 3 ways to stop these pests from encroaching on your wellbeing; Protect Yourself, Spray Your Yard, and Maintain Your Lawn.

Method 1: Protect Yourself

In this section, we will cover a few different techniques to saving yourself the pain of a tick or mosquito bite by employee strategies and products designed to minimize exposure and eliminate insects.

The most important thing you can do is avoid being bitten in the first place. This can be challenging, as avoiding the outdoors is a tall order (even amid a global pandemic), and being outside (and socially distant) on those summer nights is a great way to relax the stress of the day away. So how do we avoid being bitten when going outside?

The first and most obvious way to avoid unwanted insect contact is to limit the amount of skim available at any given point. Wearing long pants and sleeves during the warm summer day isn’t usually doable, but at night when temperatures go down and the sun isn’t beating down on you, wearing pants and a sweater can definitely help. Any sort of clothing with elastic or bungee cuffs that create a seal around exit points (around your wrists and ankles) will prevent ticks from climbing in and mosquitoes from flying up your sleeve. Tucking your hair up into a cap will also help deter ticks from jumping in. These are small measures that can make you just a bit safer outside.

The next way to protect yourself is through the use of sprays and devices designed to eliminate or deter insects from a small area. Using a personal bug spray or repellent can help to keep unwanted insects away from your person while you’re outside. Be sure to shower once you get back inside! Other products, such as the Mosquito Magnet and products by Dynatrap, can be used to lure in and eliminate unwanted pests. Keeping those airborne bugs out of your hair, and hopefully, off your skin.

Method 2: Spray Your Yard

There has been some concern lately about product efficacy and personal wellness when it comes to spraying your yard, so we will preface this section by saying this; Most products used to kill or deter living organisms will always have a non-zero risk of adverse health effects to people. However, by exercising caution and closely following the directions provided by the manufacturer, you can use these products safely.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s talk about sprays. Koopman carries several yard sprays to kill and repel mosquitoes and ticks. A favorite is the Mosquito Beater® Yard Fogger. It is a synthetic triple-action formula that knocks bug out of the sky, kills them quickly, and provides residual effectiveness for outdoor areas. Another product Koopman carries is the Burgess® Electric Insect Fogger. It can apply Black Flag® brand Fogging Insecticide, an odorless, synthetic insect killer, to large outdoor areas in just minutes. It protects treated areas for up to 6 hours. You can also use the Backyard Bug Control by Cutter®,  a synthetic, water-based insecticide that comes in a convenient hose-end, ready-to-use sprayer. It acts quickly to kill pesky insects and provides up to 8 weeks of control.

You can also repel mosquitoes from your outdoor living areas. A convenient way is to use the  Bonide® Mosquito Beater® Repellent, an all-natural formula that contains Cedar Oil, Citronella, Geranium Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. Its no-mix, ready-to-spray container treats 5,000 SQ FT and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

Method 3: Maintain Your Lawn

The easiest way to prevent these bugs from living in your space is to remove their homes. By getting rid of the places they live and breed, you can drastically decrease their numbers on your property.

Ticks: Ticks love tall grass and plenty of shade. By regularly mowing your lawn and removing detritus from your yard, you are getting rid of the houses these ticks cling to. Try to let the sun shine on as much of your lawn as you can. This being New England, the edges of your lawn might be in perpetual tree shade, that’s okay, we like trees. Ticks also like to hitch rides on larger creatures, such as cats, dogs, mice, raccoons, and deer. By getting a vinyl fencing installation around the perimeter of your lawn, you can prevent animals from bringing ticks onto your property. If you have a cat or dog that likes to hang out in your yard, then make sure you check them for ticks every time they come inside. They won’t always like it, but it’s for their safety!

Mosquitoes: Eliminating mosquito breeding grounds is the best way to prevent these annoying insects from invading your property. Mosquitoes love cool, shady, damp areas. Eliminating stagnant, standing pools of water is the first thing to do:

  • Fill in holes that don’t drain.
  • Cover your wheelbarrow when it’s not in use so that it doesn’t collect rainwater.
  • Make sure your gutters are cleared out.
  • Cycle and clean the water in your birdbath.
  • Get rid of old tires (or move them somewhere else).
  • Ensure there are no standing pools of water on your pool cover.
  • Stop water from pooling on overhead coverings such as awnings or tarps.

Next, you want to eliminate ivy and decaying organic material from your lawn. This could be tree bark, leaves, or lawn clippings that have stacked up too high.

Finally, continue maintaining your lawn. By cutting your grass and keeping your hedges, bushes, and other organic lawn fixtures short and in line, you will create cleaner and more disturbed locations, both of which mosquitoes will hate!

Wrap Up

There are plenty of reasons to stay inside this year, but sometimes a backyard is for enjoying. By following these steps, you’ll not only create a safe space for you to hang out, but you’re friends and family will all be able to enjoy it! (From 6 feet away of course)

Head over to your local Koopman store today to pick up everything you could ever need to get rid of these insects, and chat with one of our experts instore or online to get advice on how best to protect your family and lawn. That’s all for now!

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