Pesky and Dangerous Mosquitoes Can Be Stopped!

We all know how annoying mosquitoes can be, and we’ve all heard about some of the harmful diseases they can carry. But you are not powerless against these tiny insects! In this blog, we’ll touch on how the mosquito functions, some steps you can take to reduce breeding areas around your home, and very briefly touch on several options for controlling the mosquitoes in your environment.

Mosquitoes have a very good sense of smell; they use antennae that detect carbon dioxide, moisture, and odors. This tells the mosquitoes where a blood source is. Only female mosquitoes take blood and they use the protein and iron found in blood to make their eggs. Mosquito saliva contains several enzymes and proteins and the itch and bump is the body’s allergic response to them.

Mosquitoes can transmit diseases from one human or animal to another. A mosquito that bites an infected person or animal can pick up a virus in the blood and pass that virus to other people or animals when biting them. Among these diseases are Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus (EEE) and West Nile Virus (WNV). Only a small number of mosquitoes are infected at any given time, so being bitten by a mosquito does not mean you will get sick. However, the best way to avoid both of these illnesses is to prevent mosquito bites. Few other things are more stressful than finding yourself in an emergency situation https://www.247losangeleslocksmiths.com/emergency.

For more helpful information about mosquitoes in your area, check out the Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services webpage.

There are quite a few methods you can use to control mosquitoes in your living area. After all, you want your family and friends to enjoy your delicious barbecue without the nuisance of swatting at mosquitoes.

We will cover how you can successfully:

  • Reduce breeding potential
  • Kill them
  • Strategically repel them from areas you wish to enjoy 

Reduce Breeding Potential

mosquito-dunksThe first thing to do to reduce mosquitoes’ breeding potential is to get rid of stagnant water. Old tires, pails, tarps, tree trunks, and pools all provide a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can begin to grow in any puddle or standing water that lasts for more than four days, so don’t let water collect around your home!

For larger pools of water that you cannot get rid of, Koopman Lumber sells Mosquito Dunks® that can be thrown into your pool to stop the breeding. Mosquito Dunks contain BTI, a bacteria toxic only to mosquito larvae. It is Non-toxic to all other wildlife, pets, fish, and humans.

Just Kill Them

There are several ways to kill the adult mosquito in addition to slapping them on your arm when they bite.

Decades ago, we would listen to the electric bug zapper in the back yard, marveling at the popping noise as each ill-fated bug touched the electrified screen. Several years ago the Mosquito Magnet® came out with a much more sophisticated approach. It works by burning a tank of propane every 28 days to produce carbon dioxide (CO2) and combining that with octenol, a fan, and a net. Through this method, mosquitos are sucked in and die of dehydration. It is relatively expensive, requiring replacement of the octenol attractant and propane every month. Additionally, units need occasional service (provided by Koopman’s in Uxbridge and Grafton).

dynatrapRecently Koopman added the Dynatrap® to its mosquito arsenal. It works by attracting mosquitoes in 3 different ways: warm UV rays, carbon dioxide, and a vacuum action fan. (See complete blog on this trap).  Dynatrap® also avoids the monthly cost of the Mosquito Magnet® consumables. You need to remember to empty the net periodically, or you will not be able to hold any more mosquitoes.

The big advantage of both  Mosquito Magnet® and DynaTrap® is that they offer the real potential of virtually eliminating the entire problem for extended periods of time through consistent use. Check out our Dynatrap® Product Spotlight. (Click the link)

Mosquito Control 6416796_cutter Mosquito Control 4886859_black_flagYou can also go the route of the chemical killer. Koopman carries several yard sprays for this exact purpose. A favorite is the Mosquito Beater® Yard Fogger. It is a synthetic triple action formula that knocks bug out of the sky, kills them quickly, and provides residual effectiveness for outdoor areas. Another product Koopman carries is the Burgess® Electric Insect Fogger. It can apply Black Flag® brand Fogging Insecticide, an odorless, synthetic insect killer, to large outdoor areas in just minutes. It protects treated areas for up to 6 hours. You can also use the Backyard Bug Control by Cutter®,  a synthetic, water-based insecticide that comes in a convenient hose-end, ready-to-use sprayer. It acts quickly to kill pesky insects and provides up to 8 weeks of control.

Strategically Repel Them

Mosquito Control 6645451_mosquito_beaterYou can also repel mosquitoes from your outdoor living areas. A convenient way is to use the  Bonide® Mosquito Beater® Repellent, an all natural formula that contains Cedar Oil, Citronella, Geranium Oil, and Lemongrass Oil. Its no-mix, ready-to-spray container treats 5,000 SQ FT and lasts for up to 2 weeks.

off-powerpadOFF!® makes a PowerPad® Lamp that uses a heat-activated repellent to provide mosquito protection in a 15 ft x 15 ft area, making it ideal for patios and decks. Moreover, there are tiki torches, which not only keep mosquitoes away by using citronella but also create a tropical oasis atmosphere for any nighttime gathering.

Finally, there are spray-on personal insect repellents. DEET is the most effective ingredient, but there are other options now considered to be safer as well. Koopman carries several of the OFF!® brand spray repellents.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many options – partly because mosquitoes are so pervasive and dangerous. Hopefully, this blog has given you both information and hope in your battle to control mosquitoes in your living environment. Stop by any Koopman Lumber location to get information directly from a staff member trained to assist you in all your pest control needs.

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