4 Easy Steps For An Amazing Lawn!

If you’re a lawn care program user you might be well familiar with what we’re about to describe, but if you’re not then this is something that could change the course of your lawncare routine for the better! 15 minutes is all it takes to get huge results for your lawn.

Ask anyone who has used a step program and you’ll quickly find out the that one of the easiest ways to get an amazing lawn takes just 4 steps, that is, the Scotts® 4 Step® Program!

How to Follow the Scotts® 4 Step® Program

There were many descriptors we could have used in the title for the 4 Step® program, but easy best conveyed how truly simple it is to apply Scotts® 4 Step® program. The hardest part is choosing the right day to put down the individual bags! Don’t worry about missing that window however, we’ll tell you the best time to put each bag down.

First, you’re going to want to do is test the pH of your soil. Adding some pelletized lime or quick acting calcium fertilizer can bring your soil pH back up to the proper level (6.0-6.5) and get your lawn ready for your lawn programs!

The next thing you’re going to need to do is to figure out the size of your lawn. Scotts® 4 Step® program comes in 5m (5,000 sq. ft.) or 15m (15,000 sq. ft.), so having the proper size. Make sure you purchase the right size and get yourself a spreader as well to ensure a nice even application.

Once you have the program, stash it somewhere safe until it’s time to apply!

Step 1® – Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food

scotts 4 step step 1When to Apply – Patriots Day: Early spring while the temperatures are still cool, but not freezing. Try to apply when temps reach an average of 60º, or on Easter at the latest if temperatures are not cooperating.

Tossing this bag down on your lawn in early spring helps with two things:

  1. It helps jumpstart your lawn growth with fertilizer and nutrients
  2. It’ll help prevent crabgrass BEFORE it can germinate

If you have a problem with crabgrass, this is an easy way to start fixing that problem!

Scotts step 2

Step 2® – Weed Control Plus Lawn Food

When to Apply – Memorial Day: Step 2® should be applied in late spring between April and June. Make sure to wait at least 4 weeks after applying Step 1®! Make sure to apply on a calm day with a damp lawn, when rain is not expected for at least 2 hours. A dew-drenched lawn is perfect!

Step 2® does an amazing job at killing many broadleaf weeds and providing nourishing feed to the lawn that helps to build thick roots and green up the turf. This is the easiest way to deal with those miserable broadleafs, like dandelions, and green up your lawn!

Scotts 4 step step 3

Step 3® – Lawn Food with 2% Iron

When to Apply – 4th of July: Apply Step 3® Between June and August. It’s recommended to wait until the 4th of July and apply around then. If there is no rain forecast for the next 24 hours after application, water immediately.

Step 3® Is you mid-summer boost that will help strengthen your lawn against those long, hot, dry summer days and nights. Simply apply it and make sure you water (or it rains) right after application, and your lawn will get the nutrients it needs to remain strong and hardy for the rest of the Summer!

Scots step 4

Step 4® – Fall Lawn Food

When to Apply – Labor Day: Apply Step 4® 6 weeks after Step 3®, or any time between August and November.

Fall Lawn Food does exactly what you’d expect. It provides rich nutrients that help your lawn grow lush and green now, and helps strengthen and protect it for the winter leading to a better lawn next spring!

Why Use a Program?

Short answer: Lawn programs are designed to give you a strong, lush lawn which is the very best defense against weeds, drought, and insects.

Longer, more nuanced answer: Surely you could just buy the bags you need to solve only the most pressing issues, right? Who needs fall fertilizer when your real problem is all this crabgrass!

Simply put, while you could buy the bags you “need” and skip the rest, your lawn will never be as good as it could be when you don’t treat it year round. There is power to consistency when taking care of your lawn, and by using a full program you’re not only fixing current problems (crabgrass, weeds, etc), but you’re preventing future problems from cropping up and creating a lusher, greener lawn.

For spot treatment, using individual bags can be useful, but by following a program you’re getting more than just a single bag’s worth of benefit, you’re getting a full year or nutrients, growth, and problem-solving. It will be the best lawn you’ve ever had!

Wrap Up

The Scotts® 4-Step® program is the ultimate “4-Easy-Steps” to a green lawn! Want to learn more? Find the Koopman Location nearest you and talk to a real person to learn more about what the Scotts® 4-Step® program!

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