Product Spotlight – Nichigo G-Tape!

At Koopman Lumber we know which products get the job done, one of these products is Nichigo G-Tape. G-Tape is a high-quality tape that has been sold in Japan for the last 30 years and is finally hitting US markets. The patented design allows it to offer more stability and strength than duct tape competitors. G-Tape is also hand tearable, leaves behind no residue, and comes in a variety of colors, letting you pick a tape that you like the most while getting the best tape possible!

Nichigo G-Tape has tapes for any job you are looking to accomplish. Acrylic flashing tape, seaming and building wrap tape, HVAC and service protection tape and surface protection tape are all offered so that you can pick the highest performing, best-option tape for whatever your project requires.

nichigo g-tape product colors

Nichigo G-Tape from Koopman Lumber on Vimeo.

Acrylic flashing tape

The G-Tape acrylic flashing tape is the best defense against unwanted moisture and air. It has an advanced backing which allows this tape to hold up in the most extreme environments. It can even perform from -20 degrees to 200 degrees! This acrylic flashing tape can release from a surface without leaving any residue or losing any adhesion and is super resistant to chemicals and solvents. Finally, G-Tape acrylic flashing tape can be additionally used as a superb joist protection for decks.

Seaming and building wrap tape

For the best house wrap in the business, look no further than G-Tape seaming and building wrap. Three different seaming and building wrap tapes are available. The 3030 series tape has the highest performance rating of seaming tapes available. Accelerated aging tests have demonstrated that the 3030 series tapes provide extreme permanent adhesion with long-term bonding. The 9030 series tape provides the same intense adhesion but is a double sided tape that can be used not only in sealing but also in hardwood flooring installation. Lastly, the 2020 series tapes are created to have versatility and strength to be a higher performing alternative to any duct tape.

HVAC and service protection tape

The G-Tape HVAC and service protection tapes provide a step up on the competition. With its patent-protected formula, G-Tape is able to keep out more moisture and air than competitors in order to ensure that your HVAC systems stay leak free and run smoothly and more efficiently.

Surface protection tape

Installers everywhere are preferring G-Tape surface protection tapes as they leave zero residue when removed. Whether used on hardwood floors, tile and laminate, or glass and windows, G-Tape surface protection tape provides the performance required to protect and each every surface from damages!

Wrap up

If you want the best tape for the job, every single time, stop by any Koopman Lumber and check out our selection of  G-Tape! Feel free to stop by for any questions you may have, or call us! We’d be happy to help. Looking for more tips of the trade? Interested in receiving our Pro Benefits? Follow the link below to become a Koopman Pro! koopmanlumber.com/koopman-pro

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