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Professionals know that time is money, so why spend more time and money setting decks the old way? Diamond Pier had this in mind when they created their innovative deck Foundation System. With the Diamond Pier Foundation System, constructing decks has never been easier, especially when using a sketchup rendering plugin to see the finished project before even starting.

It used to be a back-breaking process of digging deep holes, pouring concrete, and spending hours or days waiting for it to dry. With the Diamond Pier Foundation System, you set the concrete head, drive in four pins, fasten a standard post bracket, and get on with the job! If you don’t have any experience, then consider hiring professionals who have been setting decks for a living so you can get the end results you want.

Now let’s get saving!

So How Does It Save Me Time and Money?

installing a deck with concrete basesWhen setting posts the traditional way (digging holes and using concrete) there are a lot of things that can slow you down. Starting with the fact that you have to dig deep holes, either with a shovel and post hole digger or an auger, it’s already exhausting! While you’re busy wearing yourself out, you need to maintain perfection, measuring each hole perfectly so that every post stands at the same height. This is not only physically and mentally taxing, but one wrong move and your deck can have some real structural problems.

Pouring the concrete can come with its own host of problems you’re no doubt familiar with. If there is an unevenness in the pouring, air bubbles in the mixture, or issues with the integrity of the product, you’re looking at trouble. Let’s not even talk about frost heaves in the winter ruining your work!

With the Diamond Pier system, these problems are a thing of the past. Instead of digging below the frost line to pour concrete, you just dig up a little bit of dirt to rest the head into the soil. Hardly any measurement is required, as the heads don’t require much digging or any pouring, and each head is identical in size and shape. Inspections are not needed for the Diamond Pier system. Framing can be started right away because inspectors can just remove the pin caps and measure how far the posts reach into the ground. As a bonus, since the weight is transferred from the head into the long poles that reach below the frost line, Diamond Pier systems are much more resistant to frost heave than the traditional concrete method of setting posts.

Uses for the Diamond Pier Foundation System

  • diamond pier 4 bolt and 1 bolt systemsDecks
  • Porches
  • Walkways
  • Sheds
  • Stairs
  • Gazebos

the Diamond Pier is useful for eliminating obstacles commonly encountered when setting decks.


  1. Remove dirt so the head can sit in the soil
  2. Place each of the four posts into holes in the head
  3. Level the head
  4. Pound the pins into the ground – First with a smaller hammer, then with a jackhammer
  5. Fasten the pin caps to the end of each pin

installing diamond pier pins with a jackhammer

This entire process can be done in as little as ten minutes! Once a head is set, it can even be removed and moved if needed.

There are four models of this system, ranging size and strength. The DP-50 and DP-75 models are the smaller systems, and these two models hold more than enough weight for almost any project around the house, such as decks and porches. There are larger models, the DP-100 and DP-200, which can be used for much larger public projects.

Diamond Pier Decking System from Koopman Lumber on Vimeo.

The Diamond Pier system is revolutionizing the construction of decks. If you’re looking for an upgrade to the way you set your posts or have any questions about this tremendous product, stop by any one of our locations! We’ll make sure to help you in the best way possible! If you are going to be doing construction, then you may want to make sure you have the proper equipment like industrial fans for a smooth process.

Wrap Up

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