Product Spotlight – Flexvolt Miter Saw

The new line from DeWalt is something we’ve been covered quite intensely! We are more excited than ever to introduce these new products to everyone, and we wanted to take some time to talk about some of the more innovative products that have come out of this new line!

The DeWalt Flexvolt Miter Saw is a powerful and efficient new product from DeWalt that brings you the power of a corded saw, with a cordless 120v battery operated mode that delivers the same or better results as the current corded saws on the market. How does it do this? Let’s find out!

120v Power

Having two 60v batteries powering this Miter Saw means you’re getting the same power as you would when running the DeWalt 120v corded miter saw, but with the brushless motor you’re getting increased and longer lasting power behind each cut.

When you put the batteries into the Flexvolt miter saw for the first time, you’ll be surprised by how well it cuts compared to any cordless miter saw you’ve ever used. Don’t just take out word for it though, watch this video which shows you REAL pros testing out the Flexvolt miter saw next to a corded one. The trick is, they won’t know which one is which until after they cut! Check it out!

New Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are more powerful and durable than their brushed counterparts.

Old school brushed motors have 4 main components; carbon brushes, a ring of magnets, an armature, and a commutator. The magnets and brushes remain stationary while the armature and commutator rotate together on the motor shaft within the magnets.

When you  engage a crushed motor, a charge travels from the battery, through the brushes, and into the commutator. The commutator then passes the charge on to the armature which is made up of copper windings. These are magnetized by the charge, push against the stationary magnets surrounding it, and force the assembly to spin.

Brushless Motors get rid of the brushes and commutator altogether. By reversing the locations of the magnets and windings (magnets are on the conventional motor shaft and windings are fixed and surround the shaft) brushless motors are able to deliver a better, and “smarter”, power to your tool.

By eliminating the brushes dragging across the motor, you reduce both friction and voltage drop caused by drag and have fewer parts to be maintained. This gives you a motor that pulls only the power it needs, providing. Fewer serviceable parts working smarter means you have a motor that will stand up to any job for as long as you can and won’t let you down.


Tools Specs

DeWalt has released some general spec for this amazing new tool, and they are as follows:

  • Up to 289 cuts per charge in 3-1/4″ base
  • Ultimate power flexibility providing the convenience of cordless with the performance of corded
  • A powerful 120V brushless motor provides long runtime compared to brushed motors
  • Integrated adjustment-free Cutline Blade Positioning System for accuracy and visibility
  • High visibility bevel scale makes bevel angle adjustments accurate and easy
  • Tall sliding fences support crown molding up to 7-1/2″ nested and base molding up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops miters 60° to the right and 50° to the left providing increased capacity

Powerful, portable, and convenient, this saw has it all!

Wrap Up

This miter saw is going to change the way you make cuts on the job forever. For more information head over to Koopmanpro.com to learn more!

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