Occidental Leather – 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Work Wearables

As a contractor, you probably don’t go many places on a site without your tool belt. Its accessibility saves you a ton of time, and ultimately money. Anyone who has spent much time with a tool belt knows some are better than others. The bad ones fall apart soon after you get them, and others are uncomfortable and dig into your hips. Others can’t even hold all the tools you need them to. If any of this sounds like the belt you have now, it’s time for an upgrade. Here are our 5 reasons to upgrade your work wearables today!

Oh, and if you can’t tell by the recommendations that are forthcoming and the video directly below this sentence, we are currently obsessed with Occidental Leather. Give them a try!


Occidental Leather – Amazing Work Wearables from Koopman Lumber on Vimeo.

Reason to Upgrade #1 – Cost

Although the upfront cost of a great piece of gear is always higher than buying some bottom of the rack brand, you will actually save a lot of money over time. While a brand new leather toolbelt is no small purchase, it eliminates the need for small purchases year to year to fix or outright replace broken gear. If you were to buy a cheap work belt, you may need to buy another cheap one the year after, and the year after that, and so on. Occidental Leather belts have an average life of twelve years even if they are used for heavy duty jobs day after day. Occidental leather belts may top out around $300, but spending that once every 12 years is going to be 400% cheaper than buying a $100 belt year after year for the lifespan of an Occidental belt!

Reason to Upgrade #2 – Durability

You should never have to wonder if your work belt will last. No matter the job, you should have confidence in your equipment, knowing it will hold up. The strong leather of Occidental Leather belts allows them to hold an incredible amount of tools without ripping at the pockets, and every stitch line is extremely strong. Also, as time goes on, these belts become better and better. Occidental Leather likes to say their belts don’t “wear out” but rather “wear in” as you break in the leather.

Reason to Upgrade #3 – Holds every tool you need it to

A tool belt has to do one thing; hold your tools. While plenty of belts brag about some extravagant feature, at the end of the day you just need it to hold all of your tools. Occidental Leather belts have multiple pouches that can hold fasteners, tools, pencils, or whatever you may need for the day. They are specifically designed to hold your most useful tools on the right, with your secondary-hand tools on the left. Occidental Leather belts help you optimize time and change out tools effectively and quickly. Are you left-handed? Stick around until point 5, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Reason to Upgrade #4 – Comfort

Upgrading your tool belt could save you from a ton of pain. Your back will thank you for choosing Occidental Leather. Their workwear is some of the most comfortable on the market. By evenly distributing weight across the entirety of the belt’s thick leather, the brunt of the load is placed on the belt – not your body. If your back still hurts after this, you can get the Occidental Leather shoulder harness that will take the weight completely off of your back and onto your shoulders. The harness is completely padded and easily clips into any Occidental Leather belt.

Reason to Upgrade #5 – Left-Handed Option

If you are left-handed and still using a normal belt, stop right now! Occidental Leather makes belts configured for lefties, so your main tools will finally be next to your strong hand. Available by special order, these left-handed belts make your job easier and you won’t have to keep switching tools in your hands after taking them out. They can be already lined up and ready to go.

Wrap Up

We know that the hardest workers deserve the hardest-working equipment. With Occidental Leather, you’ll get work wearables that will stand the test of time. Stop by any of our Koopman Lumber locations to check out our selection of these products! Looking for more tips of the trade? Interested in our Pro benefits? Click here to become a Koopman Pro today!




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