Introducing the Must Have Weber Genesis II Grills

Weber recently released a new grill line, the Genesis II, and these grills are among the best we’ve ever used. Nearly every aspect of the grilling experience has been improved, redesigned, or somehow upgraded. Throwing burgers on the grill will never be same, and you’re going to love it!

What Are the Changes?

The Genesis II grills carry that same sleek Weber look but boast incredibly powerful new systems that make the grilling experience unlike any other. From ignition to eating, every aspect of the Genesis II has been rethought to provide the ultimate grilling experience. So let’s take a look!

Infinity Ignition System

Weber guarantees that this ignition will ignite the first time, every time, and it’s easy to see why! Taking an inside look, it’s definitely one of the most durable and reliable systems we’ve seen, and the best Weber we have ever used. Each igniter has an individual ignition knob, and the LX series has unique ambient light and high-heat options that give you a very fine degree of control over your grilling experience.

New Burner Design

The most important part of a grill is its ability to cook food, and that’s where your burners come into play. Having a good burner is the key to having a good grill, and Weber had that in mind when redesigning the burners. The burners found in the Genesis II grills are uniquely tapered to provide consistent pressure along the burner, leading to equal heat distribution and a dependable cooking experience every time. The holes on the burner, known as “ports,” are larger and more extruded, making them more resistant to clogging and corrosion that might affect other burner models.

Drip Management System

The new drip management system efficiently directs the dripping away from the more sensitive parts of the grill into a convenient to access drip pan right under the main grilling unit. The drip pan is easy to take out and use, so you don’t waste a single delicious drop.

Improved Flavorizers

Flavorizers are a big selling point of the Weber Grills, and they only got better in this iteration of the Genesis line. Improved durability and placement mean more of your drippings sizzle and smoke their way back into your food.

iGrill 3 Ready

The Weber iGrill system is one of the coolest apps (besides the Koopman App of course!) we have installed on our phones. You can track and monitor your food from your phone so that it’s cooked to perfection every time. With custom alerts, custom cooking profiles, and support for up to 6 thermometers, this is something to get excited about!

To learn more, click here to read our blog about the Weber iGrill

New Streamlined Design

Weber brand grills have an iconic look, and the Genesis II line is no different. This new series comes with the options for an open cart design or a cabinet design so that you can get exactly what you need from your grill. They may have a few streamlined cosmetic changes, but there’s no mistaking that these grills are Webers.

What’s So Great About The Changes?

All of these things on their own might warrant some attention on a new grill, but the Genesis II line has ALL of this and more! The whole grill has been redesigned from the inside out to give you a cooking experience you’ll never forget.

Meet The New Grills

Weber is putting out eight new grills in the Genesis II line:

  • Genesis II E-210
  • Genesis II E-310
  • Genesis II E-410
  • Genesis II E-610
  • Genesis II LX-210
  • Genesis II LX-310
  • Genesis II LX-410
  • Genesis II LX-610

Each grill comes with the option for natural gas fuel, and the LX models have an optional side burner (S model) attachment. Just take a peek at how good they look!

Get Them at Koopman!

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Wrap Up

The Weber grilling revolution has begun, and it’s changing the landscape of backyard barbecue as we know it! Don’t miss out on these amazing grills. If you have any questions then leave a comment below, and thanks for reading!

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