Meet the BEST Paper Board on the Market – Builder Board™

On the jobsite, you need materials tough enough to stand up to anything. When your materials are that strong, the jobsite itself need to hold up to the wear, tear, scuffs, and spills that accompany any situation. This is where Builder Board with Liquid Shield truly shines. No other flooring board can hold up to the tough working environments like Surface Shields Builder Board with Liquid Shield.

What Is It?

Check out this quick video:

Builder Board is an incredibly durable protective paperboard rollout that replaces the need for large, bulky sheets of masonite. Each roll of Builder Board rolls flat the first time and can take a real beating. Not even dropped tools, debris, machinery, spills, can touch it. Now you can work with the peace of mind that whatever surface you’re working on truly is protected.

Why Is It Better?

Surface Shields makes fantastic products, and this Builder Board is no different. With it’s Liquid Shield technology, there is no downside to using this board! It has all of the pros of the other boards on the market, with none of the drawbacks.

First, it’s durable. How durable? Try a True Density rating of 3.3 and a thickness of 45mil. Second, it’s convenient. No more carrying bulky sheets of masonite; just grab your rolls of Builder Board, lay them flat, seal them, and you’re good to go. Third, it’s eco-friendly! While being strong enough to hold up to the dirtiest jobsite, defending against water, mud, paint, and more, it’s also 100% recyclable. How great is that?

As a bonus, you can have your company’s logo printed directly onto the board. With this, every roll of Builder Board becomes YOUR roll of Builder Board.

Here’s a quick overview of the spec sheet for this amazing product:

  • Thickness – 45 mil.
  • True Density – 3.3 kg/m3
  • Mullen Burst – 140 p.s.i.
  • Taber Stiffness – MD 1703.7 gf/cm
  • Taber Stiffness – CD 647.6 gf/cm
  • Caliper – Low Spec: 44.01 Target Spec: 45.03 High Spec: 46.02
  • Basis Weight – Low Spec: 140.90 Target Spec: 143.97 High Spec: 147.05
  • Moisture – Low Spec: 4.05% Target Spec: 6.0% High Spec: 7.5%

Want the full specs? Here you go!

Wrap Up

In short, this is a truly remarkable product. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself! Get in touch with us over at koopmanpro.com and try some today. While you’re there, find out what it means to be a Koopman Pro. Thanks for reading!

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