6 Great Way To Fight Weeds Year Round

Weeds are not only unpleasant to look at.  They also deprive the lawn and garden soils of vital nutrients which they need in order to thrive! Fighting weeds is a continuous struggle for the health of your soil, but it’s an effort that Koopman can help you succeed in.  We have the products and the knowledge that you need to win the fight against weeds all year long and if you think you need help, then don’t hesitate to call the residential landscaping maintenance service company.

Weed control is a simple, effective way to help your lawn and garden flourish year after year.  With our products and expertise behind you, it couldn’t be easier. Let’s take a look!

Your Year-Roud Weed Fighters

1- Preen Weed Preventer with plant food 5785878

Preen Garden Weed Preventer Plus Plant Food® can be applied in spring, summer, and/or fall around established plants (any that are at least 2-3 inches tall). It prevents weed seeds from germinating by creating a barrier on the surface of your soil.  This barrier won’t kill off any existing weeds, so remove any weed plants that have already begun to grow in your soil (making sure to remove the entire root).  This product can be used around flowers, roses, ground covers, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees, and listed vegetables and herbs; and it does double duty – feeding your plants for up to 3 months!

Apply by sprinkling onto the soil around dry plants, then gently water the area to activate. Disturbing the soil after application should be avoided, so you don’t disrupt the weed control barrier on the surface.

2- Weed B Gon with crabgrass control 3491994

Don’t like dealing with a spreader and heavy bags of granules? Weed B Gon, in an easy to use bottle, is a perfect solution.  Even though it is tough on weeds it will not harm your lawn! This product treats crabgrass, dandelions, and over 200 other common weeds, killing them to root.

The convenient ready-to-use spray bottle attaches to any garden hose.  Turn on your hose, flip the switch, and you’re ready to spray over the lawn. This 32oz bottle covers about 5000 sq ft. Weed B Gon can be applied anytime when weeds are actively growing- generally between 45° and 90°F – and is rainproof in just 1 hour.

3- Roundup for lawns 9894497

Roundup for Lawns kills over 250 common lawn weeds, roots and all! It even controls hard-to-kill weeds like crabgrass, clover, yellow nutsedge, and dandelions. Roundup for Lawns’ fast-acting formula starts killing on contact.  It is specially formulated for northern grasses, so you will off kill the weeds and not your beautiful lawn.

This product comes ready to use (no mixing!) with a battery-operated extended wand, so you don’t have crouch down to apply properly. The 1.333 gallon bottlee covers about 1330 sq ft and is rainproof in only 3 hours.

4- Weed Beater Ultra 8586810 ready to use

Weed Beater Ultra is a terrific option for fighting weeds when temperatures are cooler, which otherwise prevents most weed controls from working. This product has proven cool weather performance down to 45°F, extending your window to control weeds in both the spring and the fall.

Weed Beater Ultra controls over 200 different types of weeds without damaging your lawn or turf.  After treatment, you can plant new grass seed in just 2 weeks.  It is also available in concentrate form as well as ready-to-use spray bottles.

5- Burnout 2666576

Burnout is made using natural ingredients, which means that it is safe for organic gardening! Make note: this product is non-selective, meaning that it will not only kill weeds but GRASSES TOO. Burnout is the perfect product for killing vegetation around driveways, walkways, playgrounds, and buildings. Active ingredients citric acid and clove oil are safe for use around people and pets. Burnout’s spray bottle allows you to easily apply the product only where needed. It is also available in pump spray bottle and concentrate form.

6- Mulch/landscape fabric

Mulching garden beds is another terrific way to prevent weeds from growing. A layer of mulch will block out light to prevent weed growth, but will also retain moisture for your plants. Mulch works best when at 2 inch thickness, so it may need to be replenished every year or two. Mulch spread too thickly can deprive the soil of oxygen, so make sure keep the layering under 3 inches thick. For a bonus layer of protection, lay out landscaping fabric before putting down your mulch. If you need assistance then consider contacting landscape design services.

Wrap Up

So is that it? Just buy the right products and use them properly? Pretty much!  Fighting weeds comes down to properly identifying the different types of weeds you’re dealing with, then getting the right product to take it out at the source. If you can’t figure out what type of weed it is, just bring it in to us! We’ll help you figure it out and get you what you need in minutes. Armed with the right product and our expert advice, you’ll gain the upper hand against weeds.

Looking for other ways to maintain a healthy lawn? It’s all about the soil! Learn more about keeping your soil safe by reading our blog here about feeding your soil



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6 Great Way To Fight Weeds Year Round

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