What Are the Best Replacement Windows for New England Homes?

Best Replacement Windows for New England Homes

Preserving the historical identity of a home is essential in New England, but that doesn’t mean sticking to old materials and techniques – especially when it comes to windows.

Not only can window design affect the exterior style of the home, but it also plays a vital role in energy efficiency, security and overall quality of life. The best replacement windows for New England homes combine aesthetics, weather resistance, and durability to deliver a style that stays true to the historic nature of the home while also meeting today’s modern standards.

Whether you’re renovating a Greek Revival home from the 1800s or touching up a home that’s only a few decades old, it’s important to utilize high-quality windows that will enhance the beauty and efficiency of your structure. Let us introduce you to some key considerations in window design, as well as providing options for finding the best replacement windows in New England. Take a look!

Window Style is Important for New England Architecture

Window Style is Important for New England Architecture

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The beauty of the New England landscape is that the history of the region is tangible in its architecture. From early Colonial-style homes that feature a single-story and pitched roof to sprawling Victorian residences with intricate ornamentation and flashy color combos – New England towns have it all!

When remodeling or updating a historic home with new windows, regardless of the design style, it’s important to keep that commitment to the original architectural identity. The preservation of architecture is impressive in New England, so you’ll want to find new windows that deliver all the modern bells and whistles, like energy-efficient designs, without detracting from the architectural character of the home.

When it comes to windows, there are a few elements to look for when identifying the architectural character of the home, most notably, symmetry. For example, a traditional Cape Cod layout is likely to have a central door with two windows positioned symmetrically on each side. If it has two windows on one side of the door and one window on the other, this is known as a three-quarter Cape style.

Likewise, Georgian houses (built between 1700 and 1780) also express impressive window symmetry. Typically two stories with a salt-box shape, regularity was a must for Georgian-style homes. Windows were evenly spaced with precise measurements, and they often appeared in odd numbers (three, five or seven) for visual balance on the rectangular structures. Windows were usually double-hung with nine to 12 panes per sash.

Other qualities can also hint at the original New England architecture of a home. For example, traditional Colonial homes (built before 1700) rarely had window trim. 

Simple exterior styles were more common back then, with one of the only ornamentations being diamond-paned windows set high near the gable. This contrasts greatly with New England Federal-style buildings from the early 1800s, which frequently had crownings or recessed windows with arches for a sophisticated feel.

The takeaway? Window style is central to the architectural landscape of New England, and you don’t want to compromise style or durability when getting new windows. The best replacement windows for New England homes will combine these two features and offer modern durability with a variety of styles to complement your home’s unique architecture.

Cold Climate Windows Can Last Longer in New England

Cold Climate Windows Can Last Longer in New England

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One consideration to keep in mind is that the weather plays a key role in product lifespan. New England homes face much harsher winters than homes in more mild climates. Persistent freezing temps, frost and snow can all take a toll on traditional windows, so it’s a good idea to consider cold climate windows.

Cold climate windows are among the best replacement windows for New England homes because they are often built with wood, vinyl, composite or fiberglass frames. These materials are better equipped to handle extreme temperatures. In general, it’s best to avoid windows with aluminum frames, as they can tend to be more fragile and susceptible to wear and tear in cold regions like New England.

Best Replacement Windows for New England Homes

The best replacement windows for New England homes are those that are built to withstand the weather extremes of the area, are capable of exacting better energy efficiency and have an assortment of styles that are suitable for complementing the variety of historic architecture that makes New England homes so special.

With a global presence, the Andersen Corporation is one of the most well-known window companies around. Andersen Windows are chic, easy to operate and highly energy efficient. Plus, there is an abundance of styles available with Andersen windows, which makes it one of the best window replacement options for historic New England homes.

Another choice to consider: ModernView Windows. These vinyl replacement windows are specifically tailored with a high-efficiency design that can help you reduce energy bills and stand up to the harsh winters of New England. ModernView also has a variety of attractive styles to help you find the perfect fit for the style of your home.

Preserving the authentic beauty of your home is essential during any remodeling project – especially with new windows. With trustworthy expertise and a powerhouse team, you can count on Koopman Lumber to source the perfect Andersen Windows or ModernView Windows for your house. 
Contact Koopman Lumber today to find the best replacement windows – and anything else you may need – to beautify your home!

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