Product Spotlight – Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell is a product that we fell in love with. On the surface, a doorbell with a video camera doesn’t seem like much, but Ring took that idea and ran with it until we had the amazing product that sits before us today.

In this Product Spotlight, we’re going to cover the Ring Video Doorbell Pro as that’s what we stock in our stores, but rest assured that every iteration of this product is fantastic and works well. The Pro version is just the one that we found works best for us!

ring video doorbell on home

What Is It?

Ring video doorbell pro

The Ring Video Doorbell is a Smart Home product that connects the front of your home to your devices at all time. By downloading the Ring app, you will receive notifications every time someone rings the bell!

With 1080HD video streaming, a two-way walkie-talkie, and adjustable motion sensors to trigger alerts and activate video streaming, this doorbell boasts a ton of features in a little package.

How It Works

ring video doorbell in android app
A quick look at the Ring app

The Ring Video Doorbell Pro uses the Ring app (iOS, Android, Mac, and PC) to connect you to your home wherever you are. Receive custom alerts based on custom motion sensor zones, alerts whenever your doorbell is rung, and see and talk with anyone standing at your door.

Easy To Install

Installing your Ring doorbell is easy, and can be done by just about anyone!

  • Remove your old doorbell button
  • Line up the mounting bracket
    • To correctly line up the mounting bracket:
      • Click the level tool (included in the box) into the mounting bracket
      • Place the mounting bracket next to your door at about chest height
      • Level the mounting bracket using the level tool
      • Mark the positions of the four mounting holes with a pencil
  • Drill holes
    • Use a drill to drill holes where you marked the position of the mounting holes
      • If you are mounting the bracket on brick, concrete, or stucco, put the included plastic anchors into the holes. You may need to use a hammer to get the anchors in
      • If you are mounting the bracket on wood or vinyl, just use the included screws
  • Remove the level tool from the mounting bracket
  • Connect your doorbell wiring to the terminal screws located on the mounting bracket
  • If your doorbell is digital, install the included diode
    • Not sure if your doorbell is Digital or Mechanical or how to install the diode? Click here for information on using the included diode.
  • Place your ring video doorbell on the mounting bracket
    • Don’t be afraid to use a little force
  • Tighten the security screws
    • There is a tool included in your box that can be used to tighten the security screws
  • Download the app and connect your doorbell.

Wrap Up

The Ring Doorbell is awesome, and that’s not something people usually say about a doorbell! Join the Smart Home revolution at Koopman Lumber, and get your Ring Doorbell today! If you have any questions about this doorbell or what Smart Home solutions are best for you, reach out to us here or at koopmanlumber.com. Thank for reading!

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