Wood Pellets

Bulk home delivery is available! Orders of 3 or more tons will be delivered to your driveway via flatbed truck with Moffett lift. 

Orders of minimum 1 ton may be available for your local store, check with your preferred store for details. Local delivery charge of $50 + $25 fuel surcharge applies. Deliveries outside our local area will be quoted.

Pellets by the ton, delivered right to your house!

Pellet Pricing:
Tonnage & Delivery



$8.99/bag – $8.49/bag on 10+


$329/Ton Pickup – $403/ton Delivery*

  • Ash:  <1%
  • BTU:   8,100-8,400
  • Wood:  Locally sourced biomass
  • Blend: Hardwood/Softwood Blend

Lignetics® premium wood pellets are made from recycled, renewable sawmill waste. Their wood pellets contain all-natural biomass products and are manufactured at the highest quality control levels, designating their wood pellets fuel as premium-grade. Their wood pellets produce a consistent, high Btu output and produce less than 1% ash.

*Local deliveries (25 miles) will have a $50 delivery fee and $25 gas surcharge

*Deliveries beyond 25 miles will be quoted separately

Simply fill out the form on the right and we will reach out to you ASAP! Once we have finalized pickup/delivery details we will take payment.

Why use Wood Pellets to Heat Your House?

Wood Pellets are an energy-efficient way to keep your home heated during the frigid New England winters. For most modest New England homes, a properly sized pellet stove will be able to heat most, if not all, living space in the house. 

Energy.gov gives the following recommendations for heating average size houses:

A good rule-of-thumb is that a stove rated at 60,000 British Thermal Units (Btu) can heat a 2,000-square-foot home, while a stove rated at 42,000 Btu can heat a 1,300-square-foot space.

Most modest New England homes can be heated by those standards, although national home size averages are creeping up above 2,300sqft for new constructions. With proper zoning, or multiple smaller stoves, even larger homes can experience the cost savings of a wood pellet stove. With oil and gas prices an ever-present concern on most American’s mind, alternative methods of home heating are more popular than ever. The best part? Converting to pellet heat often doesn’t require the expensive ductwork of other alternatives. Simple inter-story vents can be installed to allow for proper airflow and… that’s it! 

Wood Pellets

Shifting heating methods can be a costly endeavor upfront, but often they pay themselves back many times over as the years go by. Always make sure to check Masssave.com for rebates and energy efficiency tips and audits. If you decide to go pellet, then let Koopman be the one to supply you with what you need! We sell only Lignetic wood pellets currently for one reason, it’s the customer’s choice! Every year we found that more and more people chose and trusted Lignetics wood pellets over other brands. They last longer, burn hotter and cleaner, and were the standout choice amongst all brands last year. We’ll bundle and deliver pallets of pellets to your home available in several different tonnage amounts. If you need more or less we’re always happy to find a way to accommodate our customers, so be sure to ask!

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