Get the Job Done, and Look Good Doing it: Carhartt

When it comes to toughness, Carhartt has hundreds of stories to tell. It is not uncommon to hear a story of a man whose hand was saved from a saw blade, a 4-year old girl who survived being mauled by a pit bull, and even a gentleman who was shot by a .22 caliber bullet that didn’t penetrate his sleeve. What do all of these stories have in common? Every single person was wearing Carhartt.

Carhartt’s story is one of a tight-knit bond between manufacturer and consumer. The brand has expanded beyond being just “working man’s” gear, but it’s heart and dedication have never left. Carhartt began in 1889 with denim overalls sold to railroad workers. Hamilton Carhartt, the founder of Carhartt, teamed with a railroad engineer to make comfortable overalls that were snag-proof and durable, with extra pockets for rulers, pliers, watches, and even a hammer loop. Despite being more expensive than other bibs, they gained notoriety for their slogan “Honest value for an honest dollar”.

Carhartt has come a long way since then and has expanded its line significantly. The gear is still All-American and still provides that same honest value for an honest dollar, but the line has grown significantly. No longer just a workman’s brand, Carhartt has become an unlikely fashion darling. With clothing for the everyday man, woman, and child, Carhartt has become a household name alongside being the toughest work gear out there.

Koopman Lumber is proud to offer this classic American brand now at our convenient locations. Check out their “Made By Hand” video below, then stop by one of our locations and browse our selection for yourself!

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