Young Furniture

If your building or remodeling project requires flexibility, the benefits of getting unfinished cabinets are bountiful. With unfinished cabinets, your customizability options are nearly limitless: You can stain them light or dark or paint them whatever color you want. No matter the look you’re going for, Young Furniture has you covered. They offer unfinished pine cabinets, unfinished poplar cabinets and unfinished maple cabinets that are fitting for just about any project. If you can draw it, chances are Young Furniture can build it!

Not only do unfinished cabinets allow for customization, they also lead to significant cost savings for you. Each unfinished cabinet manufactured is considered “ready to finish” upon leaving our Bow, NH facility. Once you place an order with us, we can have your unfinished cabinets delivered to you in as little as two weeks!

Young Furniture Cabinets

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