Born to Barbecue

Since 1952 Weber Grills have been delighting the world of grilling, and they're not slowing down the innovation anytime soon!


Genesis line of Weber Grills on a patio overlooking a scenic mountain forest

Weber Genesis Grills

One of Weber Grills greatest leap forwards in gas grilling, the Weber Genesis line is a staple in backyard BBQs across the county. With 3 and 4 burner configurations available, Weber Connect Smart Technology available, and a huge collection of custom-fit grillware, you can cook almost anything your heart desires on a Weber Genesis.

The grilling grates are crafted from cast iron or porcelain-enameled steel, promoting optimal heat retention and imparting delectable grill marks on your culinary creations. The Genesis line also boasts the innovative GS4 grilling system, incorporating features like an easy-to-start Infinity Ignition, powerful burners, Flavorizer Bars that infuse a smoky flavor, and a grease management system to reduce flare-ups. These elements collectively contribute to a seamless grilling process, making it an ideal choice for both seasoned grill enthusiasts and newcomers alike

The Weber Genesis grills boast the biggest high-heat zone in their grill lineup, giving you consistent, delicious food every time. The proprietary PUREBLU high-heat burners are engineered for the purest, most efficient flame every time. 

Weber Smokefire Grills

The Smokefire line of Weber Grills have quickly gained popularity among barbecue enthusiasts for their innovative design and exceptional performance. These grills are known for their versatility, combining the convenience of a pellet grill with the searing capabilities of a traditional charcoal grill. The SmokeFire series features a large cooking area, allowing users to grill, smoke, roast, and bake with precision. One of the standout features is the Weber Connect smart grilling technology, which enables users to monitor and control the cooking process through a mobile app. This technology provides real-time updates on cooking temperatures, estimated cook times, and alerts, ensuring that users can achieve perfect results every time.

Owning a Weber SmokeFire grill comes with a host of benefits for barbecue enthusiasts. The pellet grilling system offers the convenience of set-it-and-forget-it cooking, allowing users to enjoy the flavors of wood-fired cooking without the constant monitoring required by traditional charcoal grills. The precise temperature control and even heat distribution make it easy to achieve consistent and delicious results, whether you’re smoking low and slow or searing at high temperatures.

Weber Smokefire open on a home patio
Weber Summit grill (chrome option) sitting on a back home patio

Weber Summit Grills

The Summit line of Weber grills are renowned for their exceptional quality and performance, making them a top choice for grilling enthusiasts. These grills boast a variety of advanced features that set them apart in the market. One notable feature is the powerful GS4 Grilling System, which includes high-performance burners, Flavorizer bars, an advanced ignition system, and a grease management system. This combination ensures even heat distribution, efficient ignition, and reduced flare-ups, enhancing the overall grilling experience. 

The durable construction and materials used in these grills ensure longevity and resistance to the elements, making them a solid investment. With additional features like integrated side burners, sear stations, and smoker boxes, the Summit series provides versatility, allowing users to experiment with various grilling techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned barbeque artisan or a novice grilling for the first time, the user-friendly design of Weber Summit grills, coupled with their reliable performance, makes them suitable for anyone looking to elevate their outdoor cooking experience.

Weber Spirit Grills

The Spirit line of grills from Weber Grills is a perfect introductory grill for any budding barbeque chef. Typically having a smaller footprint than larger models such as the Genesis or Summit line, the Weber Spirit is meant to fit into nearly any space without sacrificing on results. Made with the same premium quality components as their older brother, the Spirit grills are sure to delight anyone who cooks and eats from them.

With foldable side racks, built-in warming racks, and 360 square inches of cooking space, these grills are sure to delight even the most seasoned pitmaster. These grills are known for their durability and longevity, thanks to their robust construction and high-quality materials. The compact design of Weber Spirit grills makes them suitable for various outdoor spaces, providing a perfect balance between size and cooking capabilities. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or a beginner, the user-friendly design of Weber Spirit grills ensures a hassle-free grilling experience.

Weber Spirit Grill in a small backyard garden space


Control Your Grill Wherever You Are

Based on consumer demand, users can now graph their cook of multiple recipes at once on a mission-control-style dashboard. Watch the grill’s temperature (and food!) change with beautiful, colorful live graphs of temperature ranges during grilling. Each smart grill and WEBER CONNECT Smart Grilling Hub can handle up to 12 recipes and timers at once, and share app data with multiple users, so cooks can get help from other people to prepare a meal as needed.

The App offers more than 800 recipes, with new recipes added frequently, that support many different dietary requirements – from vegetarian to pescatarian. Every recipe is crafted and tested by Weber Grill Masters, with fan favorites highlighted, and approximately 350 “smart” recipes walk users through step-by-step, with short looping videos and clear instructions. Recipe collections vary by geographic region.

Have multiple grills or smart devices? No problem. Name and then track each one on the App. View recently cooked recipes easily and bookmark favorites.

The WEBER CONNECT 2.0 App is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Apple Silicon computers, and Android operating systems. In addition, users can easily contact Weber Customer Care if extra help is needed.

Weber designers thoughtfully considered making the App more accessible to more cooks, so they upgraded WEBER CONNECT 2.0 to allow dynamic text (ability to increase font size) and voiceover (helps visually impaired cooks). There’s also a dark mode to change the app interface from color to black-and-white to reduce eye strain. 

Grills and devices with WEBER CONNECT technology can track a grill’s temperature and alert users when it drops below target temp or experiences other temperature fluctuations. The technology also provides real-time data on food temperature with connected food probes. Users can watch the temperature rise in the App’s charts and graphs and receive an alert when the food reaches its target temp.

With some Weber smart grills, like the SMOKEFIRE wood fired pellet grill, owners can change the grill’s cook temperature and mode via the App. Turn the heat up, or shut the grill down, all from the comfort of the couch.

Weber is the world’s premiere manufacturer of charcoal and gas grills, grilling accessories and other outdoor room products.

Grillers need grills that last. Grills that perform. Grills that make us look like superstars in the eyes of those who are most important to us. That’s what it all comes down to.

So it has to be uncomplicated. It has to be fun. It has to be effortless. And it has to be delicious. Because Weber knows you aren’t just making burgers, you’re making memories.

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