Benjamin Moore Advance Bathroom Revamp In A Day

This blog was authored by Jan Marder, our Paint Manager in Whitinsville. 
Many of us know quite well what it’s like to have that one, or maybe several, rooms in our house that aren’t quite what we envisioned them to be. Perhaps we even have a dream of what we’d like for it to become but between time and money restraints, it just isn’t a reality. However, given the proper product, tips, and tricks, your dream room can be just a day away!
In my case, this lackluster room was the half-bath/ laundry room on my first floor. I had done some prior remodeling, including beadboard installation, mold removal you can check this Website, Here, blog to learn how to get this and changing out the floor. I had decided upon a gold taupe color for the walls and a black satin stain on the wood vanity. However, with changing styles and a push in the vanity-painting trend, I soon found myself dissatisfied with the room I had put together. In addition to that, the poor quality of the Polyshades I had used on the vanity deteriorated quickly.
The before – It needed some work!
A few years back, I learned of the Advance line of paint from Benjamin Moore for cabinets, furniture, and trim. After gaining first-hand experience and knowledge of the product from my own home improvement projects, including repainting all of the cabinets in my very own kitchen, I knew that Advance was the perfect solution to my laundry room imperfections.
Using Advance comes with many wonderful benefits, the first of which being that it is a waterborne alkyd. This means you get the best of both worlds in your paint: easy cleanup with soap and water while still hardening and leveling off like oil-based paint, giving your furniture a quality finish. Whether brushing, rolling, or even spraying, Advance turns out as smooth as glass. Not to mention, it comes in four sheen options: matte, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. You’ll be left with a beautiful paint job with low VOCs and virtually no smell. Plus when you come in to purchase Advance at Koopman Lumber, we tint our paint with Benjamin Moore’s Gennex color technology, giving you infinite color options that won’t fade.
For my own room, I decided upon Chelsea Gray (HC-168) in a matte finish for the walls above my bead board and Hale Navy (HC-154) in satin for my vanity. I started my project off bright and early on a Saturday morning with one coat on the walls and vanity. While I opted to go back in with a second coat on the walls around late afternoon, the vanity covered beautifully in one simple coat. With nothing more than new gold hardware and a fresh coat of paint, I had the room looking brand new before the sunset.
Just check out these after shot to see how well it came out!
So much better!
Overall, I’ve been incredibly impressed and happy with the outcome of my project using Advance. It was easy to accomplish in a short period of time and well within my budget. I was even able to get it done just in time for some unexpected guests to stop by and admire it for themselves!

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