Top 5 Reasons Contractors Prefer James Hardie Siding

The next time you need to install siding or replacing your roof, you may want to consider contacting these workers who have done many great construction jobs. Make sure to check out James Hardie Siding while you’re on your on your way to the hardware store, it’s made of fiber cement, it is designed to resist the most extreme conditions while offering the warm, natural character of traditional wood lap siding. It’s no surprise that it’s the most popular brand of siding in America.

So why is it so well regarded? 5 simple reasons:

1. Durability

Hardie Siding is legendary for its durability. Cement board siding is a more durable choice than other siding material options. It will hold up to the elements, nature, and even human abuse. Hardie Siding is completely rot and insect resistant, and even holds it’s own against ocean sprays.

colorpolus colors2. Aesthetics

What do you want your Hardie Siding® to look like? The sky is virtually the limit with Hardie aesthetics. You can successfully replicate the character of just about any other siding material; including as wooden lap boards, cedar shingles, wood shake siding, and more. As for color options, you can buy pre-finished boards or buy a blank slate and paint them yourself!

3. Fire Resistant

Unless you’re using Chlorine Trifluoride, you’ll be hard pressed to cause significant damage to your Hardie Siding. Being comprised of 90% silica sand and cement makes it pretty easy to avoid being caught on fire.

If a flame is held to it for 5 minutes, Hardie Siding will experience scorch marks on the painted surface. However, it takes a significant flame to damage the board. At that temperature, your Hardie Siding burning would be the least of your worries!

From the official James Hardie documentation; “Non-Combustible per ASTM E 136”, and “1 Hour Fire Resistive per NER 405. It lists an R-value for the 1/4″ sheet of 0.13 but gives no value for 1/2”. Check it out in action!

4. Storm Resistant

Being able to stand up to normal wind and rain is one thing, but Hardie Siding stands up to even the toughest elements. After Hurricane Sandy hit the United States’ East Coast, thousands of homes were damaged or destroyed. This prompted a lot of questions about what kind of building materials are used in home construction.

A home’s siding is the last line of defense against the wind, rain, snow, hail and more that can work their way in. Hardie Siding is impact resistant and designed to perform in even the most extreme temperatures and conditions.

Hail damage without Hardie Board
Hail damage to traditional wood siding

5. Awesome Warranties

To ensure your piece of mind, every piece of Hardie Siding comes is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of the warranty varies by product, but a full list can be found here: CLICK HERE FOR WARRANTY INFORMATION.

Wrap Up

Hardie Siding is an impressive product. We’re proud to offer it at Koopman Lumber and we are happy to quote any project, no matter the size. Before your next build, give us a shout out and get a quote. Contact us at (508) 234-4545 or visit us at us at www.koopmanpro.com.


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