“The New Neutral”

The new color pallete from Benjamin Moore

Winter is here in full swing in New England! While short days and long nights limit outdoor activities, winter does make an ideal time for indoor projects! Maybe a new color would bring some life to a tired room. Freshening the colors is the easiest and most cost-effective way to make a big impact in your home on a modest budget. Most projects can be completed in a weekend, and today’s low/no-VOC paints dry faster and with less odor than paints of even a few years ago. What are you waiting for?

2014 Color Trends Palette from Benjamin Moore

If you’ve ever been to a Koopman Paint location you know how much we love Benjamin Moore. They continue to impress us with their high quality paints, and their 2014 color palette is no exception. They’re calling this year’s palette “The New Neutral”, and for a good reason! Neutral colors have been popping up all over the place in the past few years. We’ve seen them everywhere from home furnishings, to the graphic design industry, to the auto industry. It looks as if these colors are here to stay!

The colors in this palette have a degree of lightness to them. There has also been a shift away from the grays, which have been dominating the past few years. They have been replaced with blues, greens, lavenders, and even pinks! Every color on the palette is, to a degree, pastel, but not in a way that subdues the color. Instead, the nature of each color has been enhanced to show off a richer degree of the underlying tone. The colors promote a warm environment and a happier voicing in their display.

The best part about these colors is their flexibility.  A lot of these colors work well with each other, as they are all from the pastel family. For example, you might pair Breath of Fresh Air 806 with Black Satin 2131-10 to make a sophisticated statement. Or perhaps pair the former with Evening Grove 1526 to create a bolder, more defined look.

2014 Color of the Year

body_image_largeThis year Benjamin Moore has unveiled their 2014 color of the year, Breath of Fresh Air 806. This is Benjamin Moore’s leading image for their New Neutral palette.

Taking a look at the photo to the right, we can see how this color really helps to bring out the other colors in your home. By placing these green garden flowers in front, a contrast is created that really helps to accentuate your home decor. You can add an accent of almost any color to a base of blue or white, making this color of the year extremely versatile.

Benjamin Moore©

And here on the left is a great example of that. Take a look at the way the blue base really allows the other colors in the room to shine. All of the blues, reds,  and yellows appear to be more vibrant, and the deep violet on the cubby wall and pillows really pulls that section of the room into it’s own.

We’re excited to share these great colors with you this year. Our highly trained staff have all been abuzz about the new 2014 color palette, and with good reason! The new trend towards the neutral palette opens up more color options and variety than we have seen in years. Don’t just evaluate these colors on your computer screen, though–stop by any Koopman Paint or Koopman Lumber location and pick up your copy of this 2014 Color Trends palette. See the actual paint samples to make your selection or try a pint sample to see how it will look in your home. Talk to one of our experts to learn more about the New Neutral color palette, and how we can add “A Breath of Fresh Air” to you next paint project!

To check out the entire 2014 Benjamin Moore color palette, click here.


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