Product Spotlight – STIHL BR 700

STIHL is a name known to many, if not all homeowners. They started as a small operation, creating the world’s first chainsaw, and have since expanded into the dominant multi-product brand that it is today. With the new flagship blower, the BR 700, STIHL continues to dominate the marketplace by making powerful, yet affordable equipment that works for both the every man and the working man. Make sure you watch the video below to see it in action!

How Does it Compare?

When using the  BR 700, it helps to know WHY it’s so much better than the competition. We immediately noticed the power behind the BR700 when we used it, and it had no problem blowing any material out of the way. When you look at it next to its predecessor, the BR600, the numbers are impressive.

BR 600 Performance BR 700 Performance
Air Velocity: 199 mph (89 m/s) Air Velocity: 165 mph (74 m/s)
Air Flow Rate: 677 cf/min (1150m^3/h) Air Flow Rate: 912 cf/min (1550 m^3/h)
Maximum Air Velocity: 237 mph (106 m/s) Maximum Air Velocity: 196 mph (88m/s)
Maximum air flow rate: 1012 cf/min (1720 m^3/h) Maximum air flow rate: 1095 cf/min (1860 m^3/h)
Blowing Force: 32N Blowing force: 35N

It seems strange that the newer blower would have a higher blowing force, yet a lower air speed. You might think that this equates to a lower overall level of power, but with a higher air flow rate the blowing force is greater than that of the BR 600, and you when you kick this thing on for the first time you’ll see the difference is clear.koopman-uxbridge-sthil-8-23-2016

Upgraded Design

The new BR 700 also comes with a suite of usability and design updates that make the machine feel great to use. There are too many to mention, but our favorites are:

  • A new lock ring on the blower tube allows for infinite telescoping adjustments. With this, we can go from maximum range to minimum footprint effortlessly.
  • New Ultra-duty base plate has been added to provide the unit extra durability.
  • New design converting a higher percentage of engine power into air flow.
  • New lighter design
  • 40% more compact fuel tank than leading competitors
  • Improved design resulting in a quieter, but more powerful machine.

The BR 700 even boasts a powerfully efficient engine, consuming 1.28 liters / hour, compared to 2.07 liters hour from some top competitors.

The Tool for Any job

koopman-uxbridge-sthil-8-23-2016-rentalNot everyone is going to need to purchase and own this blower, but for professional landscaping crews, side jobs, and people with larger properties to manage, this machine will save you time and money in the long run compared to other industry leading blowers.

If you have a smaller property to manage and want your turn with the BR 700, then head on down to Koopman Rentals and rent your own BR 700! We make it easy and affordable to rent this and many other landscaping and professional machines. Save yourself a weekend by getting the job done quick, so you can kick back, crack open a cold one, and watch the game!

Wrap Up

The STIHL BR 700 is a powerhouse in the world of blowers, so don’t miss out on your chance to get the job done quick, and get it done well, affordably. Contact us at Koopmanlumber.com/rentals if you have any questions about this or other machines, and we’ll be sure to get you answers fast so you can get to your next job or yard!

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