Overseeding Your Lawn

Welcome back to the Koopman DIY Project Book! Your lawn directly affects both the appearance of your home and your enjoyment of outdoor activities. A thick, dark green lawn is both restful and energizing. So how do you get that nice healthy lawn? It’s easier than you think, and only requires a little periodic maintenance and some good habits. Today’s subect is overseeding, so let’s talk about what overseeding is and how you do it!


Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seed to rejuvenate your lawn and fill in thinned or bare areas. It also helps improve the overall density of the lawn and gives it a more vibrant and healthy look. When you overseed a lawn you will normally seed the entire lawn. If most of the lawn looks good, why seed the whole lawn? Here’s why this habit really pays off–the key to a healthy, thick, green lawn is healthy grass plants. That may sound obvious, but an entire industry has grown up focused on solving lawn problems. Focus instead on the grass and you will automatically eliminate 80% of those problems. As Jonathan Green says, “Your best defense against common lawn problems is a thick healthy lawn.”


The best time of year to overseed your lawn is the fall. If you missed it, you can do it in early spring, but the grass won’t be as hardy for the summer. Around labor day the soil will still be warm enough to germinate the seeds while being cool enough to encourage the growth of strong and healthy roots.


Start by mowing your lawn down to 1 – 1 1/2 inches. This helps to prevent seed from getting caught in long grass and allows more sunlight through to the seeds below.


classen_dethatcher_in_useThatch is that layer of mostly dead organic matter that sits on top of the soil. Thatch can prevent seeds from coming in contact with the soil so it’s best to get it right out of there. You can use a thatch rake and go over your entire lawn with it. You will soon find out, however, that dethatching is hard work! A quicker and easier way is to rent a dethatcher. Using a motorized dethatcher will allow you to prepare your entire lawn in only half a day. CLICK HERE to rent a dethatcher from Koopman and to watch our “Tips in 2” video on how to best put your dethatcher to use!

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