Occidental Leather Tool Belts: Designed For The Modern Tradesman

Professionals that work hard every day need tools that work hard every day. The Occidental Leather tool belts Koopman offers are built with the professional in mind. Since 1980, Occidental Leather has set the quality standard in the tool belt industry. Their products are designed to be tough and durable.

There are some key reasons why professionals prefer Occidental Leather tool belts:

  • Quality design that provides ease of use and comfort
  • 30 years of field testing experience
  • Manufactured using only the materials availableOccidental Leather logo

Why Occidental?

Occidental Leather’s All Leather Tool Belt Systems® are handmade of top grain premium cowhides. These are tanned to stringent specifications with a special blend of oils and waxes that meet the demands of heavy  outdoor use.

Occidental Leather’s Adjust-to-Fit Tool Belt Systems® are constructed of rugged commercial nylon and high-density neoprene padding with extra wide hip areas. They employ a unique nylon crossover system that provides an “adjust to fit” feature that locks into place. The result is a fully adjustable tool belt which provides one belt for all seasons and provides a full range of adjustment for pant waist 32” to 41.”

Occidental Leather’s Adjust-to-Fit Tool Belt Systems® are strong, hard working, and light weight! They consist of nylon and leather that combine to give the ultimate in performance in a cost effective, comfortable design suited for simple carpentry and rough framing. It features tool holders for common tools and a back bag that accepts a speed square.

Occidental Leather’s entire product line is crafted with care in America, meaning your hard earned dollars are going to support the entrepreneurial men and women who have made the best since 1980.

It’s Modular, and Uniquely TailoredOccidental Leather 8385

Don’t need a bunch of giant bags? Not a problem. Need even more giant bags?! Still not a problem! The Occidental Leather sets are sold as a bundle, but you can buy individual pouches to customize as needed. There are dozens off different bags to choose from, making thousands of possible combinations.

But I Already Have a Belt!

No room for another belt in your life? No problem. The Occidental Leather belt free system maintains the superior quality you would expect from Occidental Leather. Vests, suspenders, and harnesses are all available for whatever the job site might require of you.

Occidental Leather 8080dbNot only are these systems effective, they’re ergonomically designed with you in mind. These systems are designed to rest on the shoulder and distribute weight evenly throughout the torso instead of having all of the weight located below the waist and pulling at your hips and back.

Occidental Leather – Amazing Work Wearables from Koopman Lumber on Vimeo.

No matter what kind of job you find yourself doing, Occidental Leather has a tool belt system that is up for the task.  To learn more about these and other products to make your job easier, contact us at (508) 234-4545 or visit us at us at Koopmanlumber.com

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