Insulating your Attic

Winter is almost here, and we are already beginning to feel the cold settle in here in New England. Now is the perfect time to start insulating your house before the real winter cold fronts start to hit us. In this four part series, we will look at the most common places you suffer heat loss in your home. This blog will take a look at the best ways to weatherproof your Attic for this upcoming winter.

We are finally at the end of our multipart series on insulating your home, and we’re ending with the one area that can hit your energy costs the most this year; The Attic. Attics can be responsible for up to 25% of your heat loss in the winter. That can add up to be a big chunk of change by the end of the year. Your main goal with attic insulation is to keep your attic as close to the temperature outside as possible. This helps to prevent mildew, rot, and saves you from spending a fortune on both heating and cooling bills since you won’t have to keep the air conditioning on all the time to escape the heat. If you feel that your home is not cooler or warmer after insulating your roof, then you may need the residential air conditioning services to take a look at your HVAC unit to ensure that it is working flawlessly. A good way to tell that your attic is not properly insulated is the presence of icicles and ice dams on your roof.

Lucky for you, Koopman is here to make it as easy as can be. Let’s finish this series big with the top of your house!

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