How to Deep Fry a Turkey

deep-fry-turkey1-177x300There’s a chill in the air here in New England, and that means Thanksgiving is on the horizon. What if I told you the best turkey you will ever eat could be done in under an hour? This year, try this delicious alternative to a traditional rotisserie or baked turkey. Frying your turkey is an excellent way to make a delicious meal for your whole family, and far quicker than traditional methods.

Before we get started frying your turkey, you will need the right tools, and a safe, outdoor location to fry the Turkey. The great part is that Koopman Lumber has everything you will need to make your adventures in turkey frying a huge success! Here’s a list of all the tools you will need to make your best Turkey ever:

Shopping List

  • A large cooler to brine your turkey

  • A Masterbuilt™ Turkey Fryer

  • Louanna™ Southern Frying Oil

  • Protective clothing

  • Safety glasses

  • A turkey derrick to lower the turkey into the hot oil

    • For instructions on a quick and easy DIY turkey derrick, watch this video

  • 2 Thermometers (Separate thermometers for the oil and bird.)

  • Fire Extinguisher (Always be safe when working around high heat and hot oil)

  • Rope for trussing

At Koopman Lumber we believe in safety first. Frying a turkey involves high heat and hot oil and can be dangerous if not done carefully. Your bird must be allowed to thaw completely and must also be allowed to drain properly before lowering it into your hot oil. Do not set up directly next to any structures and make sure you are away from anything flammable. Also, to guard against the splashing of any cooking oil, wear a long sleeve shirt and fire place gloves with long cuffs that extend up your forearm.  For further instruction on how to safely fry the best turkey, you have ever eaten check out this safety video from the amazing Alton Brown.

Step one: Brining your turkey

Now there are many ways to go about seasoning your turkey for frying. Dry rubs and injections are a popular way to go, but we find that this can leave the flavor of the breast a little underwhelming. The best way to guarantee a juicy, flavourful bird through and through is simple; brine it! Never brined a turkey before? Don’t worry; it’s easy! Brining your turkey is simply soaking your turkey in a cooler filled with ice, salt water, broth, sugar, and spices. We promise once you try it you’ll never go back! Brining is acceptable for all forms of cooking a turkey, not just frying, so be sure to experiment. Make sure to thoroughly defrost your turkey before hand! Check out this video by Food Network’s Chef Alton Brown for a quick tutorial on how to brine your turkey.

Step two: Measure your oil

We now need to measure the amount of oil you will be using. Place your bird inside of the pot you will be cooking it in. Add water until the turkey is completely covered, plus 3-4 inches. Take your turkey out and mark how much water is in the pot, this is how much oil to use. Empty your pot after marking the water line, and be sure to dry it out completely. Fill the oil to the water line, and you’re ready to go.

Step three: Heat your oil

Double check to make sure that the pot is completely dry. Add your peanut oil to the pot, and turn on the burner. Heat your oil until it measures 375○ on your thermometer. You should use this time to make sure that your Turkey is completely dry. Use paper towels to pat down your turkey and remove any left behind moisture from the brining process. Make sure the inside has no residual water as well.

Step Four: Lower the turkey into the oil

Once your oil reaches the desired temperature, prepare your turkey for entry and turn off your burner. Here you will want to use your turkey derrick to lower the turkey slowly into the pot. If the oil starts bubbling up, you will want to raise the bird out and lower it in again. It may take more than one dunk which is OK, splashing oil can be a danger, so be cautious! Now turn the burner back on and heat the oil to about 350○.

Step Five: Sit back and let the bird cook

Wait! A turkey should take between 3 and 3 1/2 minutes per pound to fry properly. To further illustrate, a 10-pound turkey will take around 30-35 minutes. IMPORTANT: Do not leave the turkey alone while it’s cooking! Stay nearby and constantly monitor the temperature. Don’t let the oil rise above 350○, as grease can potentially boil over and cause grease fires if it’s allowed to get too hot!

Step Six: Serve your turkey

Turn off the burner and slowly raise the turkey out of the oil. Let the oil drain off for a few minutes, and then you are ready to serve. Carve the turkey and enjoy! Your turkey should have a nice crispy skin and juicy meat and is guaranteed to leave your family asking for more!

Oil-Free: A great alternative to traditional frying!

oil-free-224x300If you are interested in frying a turkey but prefer non-oil-based cooking methods, Koopman has electric fryers that can get the job done. Swing by Koopman Lumber and grab the Butterball™ Oil-Free Electric Fryer.

Wrap up

Have a Happy and safe Thanksgiving this year from your friends at Koopman Lumber! Check back in Friday to learn another great way to serve your turkey this year: smoked; featuring our favorite, The Big Green Egg! You won’t want to miss it. And don’t forget to come down to any one of our 6 locations, where we have the tools you need to make the best out of your holiday season!






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