Coast of Maine Product Spotlight

Coast of Maine has been making locally sourced organic compost for the last 20 years, and it keeps getting batter and better.

Carlos and Jean Quijano started coast of Maine and named it after their favorite place on earth. Making compost out of the coast’s natural resources just seemed like a no-brainer to this go-getting couple! These two have been hard at work for the last 20 years, turning the coast of Maine’s natural resources into organic compost, soils, fertilizers, and mulches at their facility in Downeast Maine.

Maine is rich in organic leftover that plants love! Clam shells, berries, fish bones, lobster shells and some of the prime ingredients that make Coast of Maine a genuinely compelling and effective product. Making this compost is no easy task, however! Once the material comes in, their staff has to work hard to mix and prepare the large compost windrows at their facility. When describing the process is takes to create such and awesome product, they described it this way:

“Like experienced chefs using the Maine environment as their oven, our staff will touch, smell, take temperatures and test to make sure each batch of compost meets the rigorous standards required of organic growers. In fact, composting is as much an art as a science, compared by some to making wine or beer.

Once cured and matured (like fine wine!) and teaming with microbes, we bag it, wrap it, put it on a pallet and ship it to local, independent retailers throughout the Northeast. You will not find our products in the big box stores.”

That’s an intense process just to make some bags of compost, but it shows the dedication that the Quijano’s have put into this product. It’s only natural that Koopman Lumber would get a product that is so lovingly and carefully made, their story is our own! People with a passion serving the communities around them however they can!

Take a look at this video produced by Coast of Maine that tell’s their story, all their own.

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